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Transforming experiences with innovation into

facial recognition

Facedoor Events

By choosing Facedoor Eventos, you are opting for an innovative and efficient approach to creating unique events. Let us shape an experience that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations, elevating your events to a new level of sophistication and security.


To ensure the security and efficiency of accrediting participants at the Trakto 2022 event, Facedoor's facial recognition technology was used.


The accreditation process was much faster and safer. Participants were registered in our system in advance and, on the day of the event, their identity was verified.

acesso a eventos com catracas e controle de acesso facial


By integrating facial recognition into SESI's Internal Games, we seek not only to modernize, but also to improve interaction between participants, staff and spectators. This is a demonstration of our commitment to providing an unforgettable competition, marked by innovation, efficiency and, above all, the sporting spirit that defines the SESI Internal Games.

acesso a eventos com catracas e controle de acesso facial


In an effort to modernize and optimize Public Procurement in Alagoas, we have introduced an innovative integration of facial recognition and name printing. This initiative aims to not only simplify the process, but also strengthen safety and efficiency at each step.

Totens de auto cadastro facial para eventos


Celebration revolutionizes the event experience by incorporating state-of-the-art facial recognition operation. Our innovative technology aims to provide not only safety but also an immersive journey for participants.

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